The Magic Mod’s Monthly Roundup

~ January ~

Mike Dobie Album Launch

Every month we will be getting a roundup from Rock ‘n’ Roll’s favourite magician and honourary Libertine brother The Magic Mod.

Hi Ben, It’s been a month since we spoke, can you tell us what is new in the world of The Magic Mod?
Been working on lots of DJ sets I have got a fair few coming up around the UK. Gigs are coming in thick and fast so I need to up my game in terms of magic, still looking cool as fuck though… Standard, hahaha.
2019 has seen some great albums released already, what LP’s have caught your ear so far?
Been playing The Specials new album ‘Encore’ and I Must say, it’s absolute class! I love it, it’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea but for me it’s the full works.
“I love The Specials new album. It’s amazing how they are still as relevant as they ever were and some of the topics are needed to be spoken about but a lot of bands are scared to tread there, like with ‘B.L.M’ and ‘The Life and Times (Of A Man Called Depression)’.”
Played Ian Brown‘s new album ‘Ripples’, not Gonna lie, I’m not feeling it at all, I may give it another go when I’m bored but I show no signs of boredom just yet, so it may be a long time before I play that again.
“I have been getting on with Ian Brown‘s album but It has been getting either a really good review or a really bad one, there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. I think a lot of the tracks will take on a new life when they are played live though.”
Festivals are coming in fast and hard now, this the best part of winter I guess, letting festival lineups dictate your summer. Which line up has wowed you the most so far? 
Neighbourhood Weekender looks fucking crazy and I’m jumping on that! You will deffo be seeing The Magic Mod there again this year… All over that.
What gigs have you attended though January? 
You know what, January I went to local gigs, saw my mate Mike Dobie perform and even joined him.
Is there a new band you have found over the last month, who you are looking forward to more of in 2019? 
I’ve recently gotten into Jerry Williams, she has a voice of an angel and I’m glad I found her music, it’s a breath of fresh air. You honestly can’t beat finding new music, there is nothing else like it.
What track have found yourself mainly listening to in January? 
Right, I’ve gone back and started listen to Missing Andy again, bloody amazing, ‘Scum’ is such a big tune. Also, the Kid British track ‘Lost in London’ has been ringing around in The Magic Mod HQ. Two amazing bands that I have seen so many times in the past.
Thank you for talking to us again
The Magic Mod over and out.”

Mike Dobie Album Launch

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