The Spitfires release title track ‘Life Worth Living’

Life Worth Living

Mod-revivalist-revivalists The Spitfires have shared the title track from their new album ‘Life Worth Living’.

‘Life Worth Living’ is released 19th June through Acid Jazz Records. Pre-order here:

In a world where a lot of bands aren’t saying a lot, a band like The Spitfires is much needed. From the Mod bands of the past, the likes of The Who, Small Faces and The Kinks to the revivalists The Jam, The Specials and Secret Affair, through to The Ordinary Boys, The Dead 60’s and Dogs these bands all spoke to their generation in a way other bands were too scared to address.

The Spitfires are now set to release their fourth album ‘Life Worth Living’,  with the band following this trend and despite still being relatively under the radar, they have attracted a diehard fanbase who will all have been influenced by the list of bands above and also attracting younger fans who will go to discover those bands through The Spitfires.

It’s hard growing up, so finding a band who talks about the same problems that you’re going through guides you through and shapes you into the adult you become. lately, it is hard to find a band to cling onto in this way. The Spitfires are flying the flag for a generation and will guide you though love, loss, desperation, the mundane, corruption and hope.

The title track ‘Life Worth Living’ is more about dealing with the mundane. The tune is based around a single, middle-aged man whose life revolves around his office job, no social life and only has friends that he despises.

‘Life Worth Living’ is the first album release for the band through Acid Jazz Records. Their past albums ‘Response’, ‘A Thousand Times’ and ‘Year Zero’ were all independently released by the band.

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