Album Review: Inhaler – It Won’t Always Be Like This


It Won’t Always Be Like This

Inhaler are set to release their debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’.

It’s no secret now that Inhaler’s frontman Eli Hewson is the son of U2‘s Bono, despite this the band have started at rock bottom by working their way through the grassroots venues and building their loyal fanbase organically.

That said, Bono’s musical DNA does shine through his son and on some tunes you could be mistaken that you are actually listening to Bono, ‘In My Sleep‘, the dark ‘A Night On The Floor‘ and ‘My King Will Be Kind‘ are prime examples of this. But there is so much more to the band, this turns out to be minor as the whole band musically are incredible and have written a collection of tracks that have also carved out an unmistakable signature sound.

The album is a kaleidoscope of dreamy indie-pop, classic rock, mixed with 80’s synths. Opening with the title track and then into fan favourite ‘My Honest Face‘ you are immediately grabbed by the infectious grip of their sound, by the time escapism of ‘Slide Out The Window‘ comes you are well lost into the album.

It’s the Indie-pop tunes where Inhaler show their true quality though, ‘Cheer Up Baby‘ is without a doubt the most infections and catchy single released this year, ‘Totally‘ again is pop perfection starting off with vibes channelling The 1975. ‘Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)‘ is where Inhaler mix all of their styles in one Frankenstein of a tune, it’s hard to listen and not imagine bouncing around with pints of beer flying through the air before the sombre and shape shifting finale, future festival anthem.

The album finishes with the brilliantly moody ‘In My Sleep‘ giving the band one last chance to unleash the U2 influence.

For a debut indie album in a struggling scene ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ is an optimistic album and a sound which will hopeful kick start the scene into a resurrection. Following on from The Snuts #1 earlier in the year, we could well be in for a new music revolution.

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