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Yellow Days recent tracks ‘THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE’, ‘MRS MOONLIGHT’ and ‘WELCOME TO HOTEL HEAVEN’ have seen the still youthful artist push his already expansive creative to new heights – not only musically, but with a world-building narrative complemented by an equally imaginative visual aesthetic. Now Yellow Days reaches the culmination of that creative journey with today’s release of the ‘HOTEL HEAVEN’ album.

Yellow Days, real name George van den Broek says,

So much art these days has no edge, no shock factor. The slapback delay, the crunchiness and intimacy of it are creative tools I’m using to say, ‘Let’s get closer, let’s make something a bit more pointed and on the nose.’ As I get older I want to create something new and different. ‘HOTEL HEAVEN’ feels like the arrival of that moment.

HOTEL HEAVEN’ is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which mankind has established a new home in the stratosphere after the Earth is rendered uninhabitable. The hotel, a Rococo-style French chateau garnished in garish pink, is a luxuriant escape of affluence, indulgence and decadence: where the jaded, confused and addicted go to live out there mediocre hedonistic lives situated in the clouds separated from a burning planet beneath them. Its hallucinatory narrative focuses on God, the all-knowing matriarch/concierge who spends her downtime between shifts chain-smoking and typing eviscerating picture postcard portraits of its guests, keeping a particularly close eye on The Pilot and his relationship with his muse, Mrs Moonlight.

The story is a metaphor for contemporary existence: the hotel representing the short-term comforts of consumerism, hedonism and quest for attention that all too often overrules the finer – and often simpler – things in life. The ideas that Yellow Days has introduced within his recent releases grow in stature without the structure of the wider album. Its new songs include ‘YOU’RE SO COOL’, a celebration of the minor idiosyncrasies that inspire attraction, and the sultry brass-laden ‘HIGHER ROOM’ which explores the idea of always wanting more regardless of whether you actually need it.

It’s a set that reaches its peak at its finale. First ‘CRYING FOR HELP’ maximises its emotional heft, the searching soul ballad power by Yellow Days’ vocal masterclass which shifts from a caramel-smooth croon to rasping yells. And then the breaktaking ‘PLANET EARTH’ addresses his own self-doubt and the precious, precarious nature of life on, his lyrics concluding that only love can offer an escape from its existential maze.

The album also sees Yellow Days going back-to-basics. He wrote, performed, recorded and produced the entire record himself in his home studio in his flat on Brick Lane, east London – a more refined evolution of the DIY ethos which informed the creation of his debut EP ‘Harmless Melodies’ in 2016.

HOTEL HEAVEN’ is available on vinyl and CD, while new merch designs are also available here:

There will be no traversing a dark desert highway to check into ‘HOTEL HEAVEN’ as Yellow Days will take the experience on the road starting in Manchester on Tuesday ahead of a London show at KOKO, before venturing across Europe and then embarking upon two legs of North American dates.

Remaining tickets available here:


9th – UK, Manchester, Band on the Wall

10th – UK, Glasgow, St. Luke’s

11th – UK, Bristol, Trinity

12th – UK, London, KOKO

18th – The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Melkweg

19th – Belgium, Antwerp, Trix

20th – France, Paris, La Trabendo

21st – Germany, Cologne, CBE

23rd – Germany, Berlin, Lido

24th – Germany, Hamburg, Mojo Club

27th – USA, Dallas, Deep Ellum Art Co.

28th – USA, Austin Psych Fest

30th – USA, Solana Beach, Belly Up


2nd – USA, Los Angeles, Lodge Room HLP

3rd – USA, Los Angeles, Lodge Room HLP

4th – USA, Pioneertown, Pappy + Harriet’s

5th – USA, San Francisco, The Independent

7th – USA, Seattle, The Crocodile

8th – Canada, Vancouver, Hollywood Theatre

9th – USA, Portland, Aladdin Theater

11th – USA, Salt Lake City, Kilby Block Party

12th – USA, Denver, The Bluebird Theater

14th – USA, St. Paul, Turf Club

15th – USA, Chicago, Thalia Hall

17th – USA, Detroit, The Loving Touch

18th – Canada, Toronto, The Opera House

20th – USA, Brooklyn, Elsewhere – Hall


21st – USA, Durham, Motorco Music Hall

22nd – USA, Asheville, Eulogy

23rd – USA, Atlanta, Terminal West,

25th – USA, Nashville, Third Man Records – Blue Room

27th – USA, Washington, Union Stage

28th – USA, Philadelphia, Underground Arts

29th – USA, Cambridge, The Sinclair


3rd – Canada, Montreal Jazz Festival, Club Soda

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