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I Wonder If The World knows?‘ A very apt name for The K’s debut album, which was released on Friday.. The world might take a little longer to catch up, but after last night, Hull definitely knows.

Four lads from Earlstown descended and subsequently ripped the roof off The Welly last night. I feel incredibly grateful to be part of the sold out crowd of 1,000 that managed to witness the sheer perfection of it.

The lads have had an incredibly busy week, pop up shops, album promoting and supporting Red Rum Club at the sold out M&S Bank arena, but with the ferocity they took to the stage you wouldn’t think they’d just had the busiest week of their lives.

As the lights went down and the chants started you could cut the tension with a knife, what were they gonna kick off with? Surprisingly, the first chords of album opener ‘Icarus’ filled the darkness. This was a brave choice, the album has barely been out two days and we’d not heard it before. A live debut of a song we’d not had 48 hours previously, it was risky, but we all sang along to mostly every word. Jamie’s lyrics are difficult to master, but we all had the chorus and shouted it loud.

Chancer‘ was next, a firm fan favorite and time to get bouncey. A few pints flew overhead and the floor bowed beneath us, a pit formed, we bounced some more.

Last year’s release ‘Heart On My Sleeve‘ was next, by this time we weren’t in a room of strangers anymore. By the time ‘Picture‘ started up next I’m not sure about anyone else but I needed a breather, but absolutely no chance of that happening with this one, if anything the ante was upped and it just got wilder. Non of us were complaining, the sweat was dripping off us but the smiles were huge.

Circles‘ was next, another new album track, a chance to drop the tempo a little bit, catch our breath. Tops came off, people were moving around to catch a slight breeze from the air conditioning, it was hot as hell and non of us would have changed it for the world.

It wasn’t long to recover before ‘Glass Towns‘ intro played and the place erupted. Bodies were flung everywhere, someone next to us hit the deck, we all picked them up. Everyone was a mate now.

The familiar tune of ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun‘ by Cyndi Lauper fills the stage, it takes us all by suprise, we all know what’s coming next and I’m not ready for it…

After the dynamic ending and swift guitar change, Jamie’s voice is ready to take centre stage for ‘Hoping Maybe‘. With Ryan absolutely smashing his guitar solo and Dexter grinning at the crowd it’s special for all of us. Nathan’s hidden away behind the drum kit at the back of the stage, I can’t see his face but I imagine he’s another one grateful for the change of pace. He’s been absoluely killing it. It’s the sing along of the night, the arms are up in the air, best mates are hugging, I’m literally tearing up, it’s my favorite song of theirs and it was truly magical. We sing it back and we’re loud. The lads look at us and smile.

Black and Blue‘ was next, it was back to the bouncing, the ‘Hoping Maybe‘ moment might be over but we know we have plenty of time left and the chorus gets belted out. By now I’m worried about my voice holding out and the two pint pitcher of beer I had earlier is nowhere to be seen, I’m thirsty and boiling alive, slightly light headed from the excitement of it all and I couldn’t be happier. The crowd form a pit, and it goes off. I take an elbow to the ribs and keep bouncing, Black and Blue, that’s absoluting OK with me!

Throw It All Away‘ is a nice change of pace after the madness again, another new album track and the chorus is smashed out whilst the crowd recover.

Lights Go Down‘ was a late release on Thursday before they dropped the album. A song that starts with the lyrics, “M1, Northbound” and a song about life on the road. Phones are in the air, It’s stunning, strangers are arm in arm, it’s one big sweaty cuddle.

Another live debut next with ‘No Place Like Home‘ we’ve all enjoyed the rest but the crowd returns to form and as we know the end is in sight we give it our all.

2019s ‘Aurora‘ is next.. it’s loud and we love it. There’s no phones in the air for this one. Nobody dares risk it. We’re going wild. It’s the big finish.

The lights go down the chantings back, someone behind me shouts “Viva the fucking K’s“.. Viva the fucking K’s indeed, this is sublime.

In no time at all the first chords of ‘Valley One‘ stop the chants, what a way to start an encore. Another sing along. Ryan is on keyboard, there’s no end to his talents. Everyone is looking a little overwhelmed. The love song, it makes our hearts burst, barely a dry eye in the house.

Hometown‘ is next and afterwards Jamie breaks into the chorus of ‘Dirty Old Town‘ by The Pogues, Ryan’s encouraging the sing along and Dexters filming us, the tables have been turned and we could have sang it all night. ‘Sarajevo‘ closes the show. It’s the perfect encore ending. 8 minutes of madness after the tender ‘Valley One‘.

It’s over and we all look bedraggled, I’m achey, I stumble out the doors, storm Kath is in full force and I’ve never been more thankful for 40kmh winds. Nobody has a bad word to say about anything, we all know we witnessed something truly great tonight.

Sarajevo‘ was the debut single back in 2017 and it genuinely makes me sad that I only discovered this band a year ago. But they have so much more to give. The album is a high contender for the number 1 album this week and after the work they’ve put in they truly deserve it.

Thanks for an awesome evening lads.

Most bands would give their all for this,
Few bands can just amaze,
One band have got all of this
That band is

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