E.P Review: The Twang – Amsterdam


Brum mob The Twang are set to release an extra special acoustic E.P titled ‘Amsterdam’. The news arrived shortly after the announcement of the band’s ‘A Month of Sundays Acoustic Tour’.

The Twang are set to gig every Sunday from 22nd March to 19th April with a special stripped back set. The tour will see The Twang stop off in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Gateshead.

The E.P is very tender and centres around escapism from the mundane. The title track ‘Amsterdam’ is the first tune on the E.P and kicks off with a folky harmonica and acoustic guitar before Phil Etheridge’s crooning vocals cry out the lyrics, “Working 6 till 3, has been killing me for weeks now.”. The track blossoms into having a good time and taking a trip to the City of Sin with your mates, ” Gonna make some noise with a few of the boys, let ’em know we’re around.”

‘Life on a What If’ is the tune which sounds the closest to their latest album ‘If Confronted Just Go Mad’. The subject is more about accepting what shit life throws your way.

‘People Stop’ is the most stripped backed on the E.P and also this is the most positive with the lyrics “Life could be so good”. The escapism on this one is more escaping from the reality of life and going away with your loved one, “So let’s take a car and drive to Dover, board the boat across the water”.

Finishing the E.P is the brilliant version of ‘Dream’ that the band performed for the grassroots godfathers This Feeling. The album version takes some time to fully digest as there is a lot going on and some very random/trippy lyrics, the stripped back version however is easier to listen too. The track feels like the direct aftermath of spending too much time in the ‘Cloudy Room’ on the Gianluca Vialli (Charlie), leading to paranoia and night terrors later in life. The tune also incorporates The Smiths track ‘The Boy With The Thorn In His Side’ and ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ by The Beatles.

When Martin Saunders left, it was a worry as to what direction The Twang would take but bassist Jon Watkin has stepped up to the job perfectly, the harmonising with Etheridge is more prominent on this stripped-back E.P, add this to the girls Cat Mctigue and Rio Hellyer this makes it a very exciting time to be a fan of The Twang.

Amsterdam’ is available digitally from 28th February with physical copies also available and expected to be delivered mid-March, pre-order here: https://thetwang.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=61044

Tickets are available for ‘A Month of Sundays’ now: gigsandtours.com / ‬ticketmaster.co.uk /‬glee.co.uk‬‪ / ticketline.co.uk‬

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