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• Hidden Gems

Canadian Rock/alternative indie duo The Blue Stones return with new album ‘Hidden Gems’ on 19th March, the album’ is the highly anticipated follow-up to the previous album ‘Black Holes’ which was released in 2015.

‘Hidden Gems’ is produced by Paul Meany (Twenty One Pilots, Mutemath). Meany confesses himself to being a fan of the band before becoming involved, having Meany on board has shaped the way the band have explored and created their music, allowing the duo to discover and reflect on themselves in the process too. Tracks such as ‘Grim‘ explores the singles personal vices.

Shakin’ off the Rust‘ is an instant crowd pleaser, radiating energy with dips in guitar riffs then coming flying back at you with heavy guitar, drums and Tarek Jafar’s gruff vocals.

Newly released single ‘Spirit‘ began as riff that Jafar had played which stood out for him, but he felt he couldn’t place it anywhere as it wasn’t fitting, the riff he loved which is now the chorus began as a verse and vice versa. Jafar speaks of ‘spirit’ and that its reminds him of good times with him and Justin Tiessier writing songs in the garage and how times move on but you end up doing things on autopilot. Isolate yourself and reconnect, he speaks of this in a postive light and that isolation isn’t always a bad thing. Jafar describes ‘Spirit‘ as one of his favourites off the album.

‘Hidden Gems’ really shows the fluidity of the bands sounds, ‘Careless‘ showcases Jafars gruff vocals again which takes on a completely different sound completely and has an new air of confidence that shines through the whole album.

The album shows of the duo exploring different sounds and their influences, ‘Let It Ride‘ really highlights their blues-rock influences but completes with a modern twist. ‘Make It Easy‘ allows the listener to float away in the chilled sounds of guitar and softer lyrics, again this is demonstrated with album closer ‘Oceans‘. This album is full of variety keeping the listener wanting more and suiting every mood.

This duo has proved along with the likes of other rock-indie duos including Royal Blood, The White Stripes and The Black Keys they also can provide tracks just as loud as any band out there.

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