Album Review: The Wombats – Fix Yourself, Not The World


Fix Yourself, Not The World

The Wombats release their new album ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World on 14th January, Pre-Order here:

Due to production, the album’s release date originally of 7th January 2022 is now 14th however the band have decided to coincide the intimate tour to now celebrate the release, ending the tour with a midnight relase show in their hometown of Liverpool.

This will be The Wombats fifth album and was recorded between LA and London with Radio X nominating their single ‘If You Ever Leave I’m Coming With You’ as their 2021 record of the year, the band have returned with their upbeat melodies that also discuss subjects that resonate with so many of us.

The band have the ability to attract a wide audience of all different ages, when asked about what do they think the band has that appeals to their fans, Drummer Dan Haggis explains that The Wombats have always covered taboo subjects such as anxiety and emotions, rarely ignoring feelings. From their first album the band have always covered periods of transition and ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ even as the title suggests is no different.

‘Flip Me Upside Down’ is the opening track and straight away boots the door off for the incredible energy of the rest of the album.

Almost looking outwards for answers to your feelings, the next track ‘This Car Drives All By Itself’ is almost an metaphor of an acknowledgement that you guide your own life with your own actions.

The album is an introspective view to self growth which is what The Wombats are amazing at doing, turning this feelings into the form of melodic music.

‘If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You’ sees the artistic lyrics that describe life in the most unique way, this enables the listeners to disect themselves. It’s almost like giving yourself up for somebody and finding it almost impossible to keep them.

The falsetto led ‘Ready For The High’ has been described by lead singer Matthew Murph,

The song is about being engulfed in a bad place, but rather than accepting this as immutable, acknowledging that it is only temporary and that better times are closer than they (currently) appear.

‘Method To The Madness’ has an air of energy that is so very poignant. I see this about building your own life your own way, a fuck you, this is my life, my choices and I take full responsibility for it all.

The album is able shine on self-growth through many of the songs, this will be so very poignant to so many as we’ve all had to go through tough times that have made us look at flaws in our characters which we may not have had the chance to reflect on had we not been in this situation, we’ve all experienced rough times during these uncertain periods.

‘People Don’t Change People, Time Does’ not only stands out with the way lead singer Murph carrys the lyrics in the chorus but it’s message that it also carries that we aren’t responsible for others choices.

The album titles have big meanings but The Wombats have the ability to have that positive spin on all of these big subjects of transition and give them an upbeat melody that carries the lyrics so well.

‘Work Is Easy, Life Is Hard’ has an different melody completely, a more heavy tone, the lyrics paint a picture of holding back on speech and views that we experience. “Why don’t you chop my tongue out“, clearly states a frustration of losing freedom of speech.

The titles of the song tracks throughout the album highlight the bands creativity which shines through the whole album. teaming with eBoy to design the album’s artwork which stands out with the computer pixels and old school computer video game design.

‘Don’t Poke The Bear’ could be seen as not dealing with situations so not to cause aggravation. I love the track ‘Worry’ with a number of sounds that divert your listening, the back speaking of worry with the amount of things that people do worry about and the voices in our head that tells us it’s real.

The end track is also the title track and this  gives you a repetitive distant lyric “I don’t want to lose myself in someone elses game.

The whole album is amazing at reflection, growth and creativity, each track delivers a poignant message that I feel will resonate with all listeners. I’d describe it as a journey of yourself.

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