E.P Review: The Reytons – May Seriously Harm You and Others Around You



Released today is the brand new EP The Reytons ‘May Seriously Harm You and Others Around You’

The Sheffield band The Reytons‘ attitude comes storming into the room with their fast paced and ferocious style with lyrics that hold some familiarity with us all.

The videos are also becoming eagerly awaited and something to look forward to as much as the music, with the previous video for ‘Red Smoke’ featuring Neil Fitzmaurice (phoenix nights/ Brassic) The video also released today for latest single ‘Broke Boys Cartel’ features Steve Huison (Lomper, the full monty)

The band have a great observation of relationships in today’s society, as punchy guitar riffs and gruff vocals combine that with the bands energy it’s undoubtedly a mix that will have your eyes and ears peeled for more. it’s hard not to compare them to early Artic Monkeys and Milburn, however this is no way taking away the uniqueness that this band hold.

With the band due to be touring in the UK from March 2021 covid restriction dependent… I recommend everyone catch these guys in the future, without doubt ones to watch and a guaranteed unforgettable night ….”Here we, here we fuckin go….” is definitely an iconic chant during the band’s electric set.

E.P closer ‘Shoebox‘ in comparison to the rest of the tunes turns the tempo right down for the band to show their softer side.

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