Live Review: The K’s – The Ritz, Manchester


(Photo byTamsin Jones)

There was definitely an air of excitement when entering the sell out gig of The K’s in the legendary manchester venue of the 02 Ritz.

Support act Narrow Margin have been a heavy fixture on my playlist and I have only heard good things about their live show. They set the scene for The K’s with an energetic punk sound to them they well
and truly warmed up the crowd for The K’s.

The K’s have been setting the live circuit on fire and have moved pretty fast considering they only formed in Earlstown back in 2017.

Members Jamie Boyle, Ryan Breslin, Dexter Baker and Jordan Holden managed to sell out the 1500 capacity 02 Ritz venue in just four weeks. Recently the band signed to Creation 23 by Alan McGee, Mcgee looks to have signed another match made in heaven
with these selling out gigs on past performances.

‘Sarajevo’ ensured itself as a hit with the fans straight away but it’s not just the hits such as ‘Glass Caves’ or ‘Got a Feeling’ that make this band sell out venues, the fans along with fellow music giants speak of the energy this band demonstrates on stage which bounces straight back into the crowd.

With a sell-out show, you’d be thinking this band would show signs of nerves but no they were as tight as anything with raging confidence that only grew bigger when the crowd sang back every lyric to them.

Even unreleased tracks got the crowd involved and screaming back to them, hearing ‘I love this one!’ ‘Aurora’ created an energy field that I am glad to say I was a part of. Viewing the floor of the Ritz from up above in the stalls, the adoring fans were moving like a tidal wave, this ensured me that I was witnessing something special.

I love watching new bands, sometimes the band growing with each gig and watching their success, but The K’s show is something more, their performance looks like they are a tight set from the off. It’s no wonder they are confident, they own the stage and it’s addictive to watch.

Leaving the venue left me wanting new material to be released. I can only see amazing things in the future happening for The K’s if their gigs all continue to be this way and I cannot wait for their full album release.

(Review byTamsin Jones)

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