Neon Waltz continue their comeback with ‘A Million People’


Honey Now

Neon Waltz have continued their phenomenal comeback with new single ‘A Million People’. The new tune is the second taster from their new album ‘Honey Now’.

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The new tune ‘A Million People’ is about going stir crazy and music being the power that brings people together. The track was written during the crazy times of the pandemic.

Neon Waltz commented,

Written in the height of Lockdown 1, it’s a song about being absolutely stir crazy. Scared to leave the house, but also the intrusive thoughts that would present themselves when inside. I was going through a massive change in my life at the time and writing this song sort of pulled me out of the hole. It wrote itself and the bones of the song took about 2 hours to write…

‘Honey Now’ is the long awaited second album from the Scottish outfit, with the incredible ‘Strange Hymns’ released back in 2017. Already released from ‘Honey Now’ has been ‘Thoughts / Dreams / Regrets’, see the video below.

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