On This Day: In 1994 Oasis Released Debut Single ‘Supersonic’

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On This Day, back in 1994 (25 Years ago), Oasis released their debut single ‘Supersonic’.

The single amazingly only peaked at #31 in the UK Singles Chart but after the release, all eyes were on Oasis.

‘Supersonic’ was recorded in one day at Liverpool’s Pink Museum Studio where the band went into to record the track ‘Bring It On Down’. Noel has claimed that the actual writing of the song took place while his bandmates took a break from the recording studio to order and eat a Chinese takeaway. Instead of joining them, Noel stayed in the studio to develop his riff and had written the entire song before they returned. He later remarked that it was an unbelievable experience to see their fans singing along to a song he had written at 3 am in the morning.

The b-sides to ‘Supersonic’ are ‘Take Me Away’ ‘I Will Believe’ and ‘Columbia’ (White Label Demo)

Today’s Tune of the Day is the first ever TV performance by Oasis on the cult television show The Word.


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