Released Today: Matt McManamon shares second single ‘Every Time I Close My Eyes’


Scally Folk

Matt McManamon has released his second taster of ‘Scally Folk’ with new single ‘Every time I Close My Eyes’.

‘Scally Folk’ is the debut album from the former The Dead 60’s frontman and is due for release 28th May via Fretstore Records.

New single, ‘Every Time I Close My Eyes’ offers a tender tribute to his youngest son: Matthew James McManamon jnr.  A sleepless child in his formative years who in-turn made for a sleepless singer-father, McManamon snr recalls of the time:

When he was born and for most of the first year of his life, I would take on the role as his primary carer. I was like a modern day male version of ‘Mary Poppins’… However, he literally did not sleep ever! So neither did I. When I was lucky enough to rock him into what I thought was a deep sleep, I would jump into bed myself to drift off into a ‘Golden Slumber’ but….always the minute (without fail) I was just about to fall asleep…..he would wake up raring to go no matter what time of day or night it may be.

A potent piece of Liverpool-preened power-pop that recalls the strident songwriting of The La’s through to The Lightning Seeds, it finds McManamon reconnecting with the sounds of his roots – a theme that flows fluidly throughout his personal new record: ‘Scally Folk’. As McManamon tells of the upcoming album:

Every song on ‘Scally Folk’ tells a story about something I have experienced and is largely an autobiographical body of work. Musically, when every song is heard in its purest form, ie acoustic guitar and vocal (the way I wrote them) it’s actually a ‘Folk’ album albeit with undertones of pop thrown in for good measure, but it’s essentially Folk.”

Matt McManamon is the former vocalist and songwriter of The Dead 60s. Releasing their s/t debut in 2005, the band scored 5 UK top 40 hits and surpassed over 100k sales in the UK alone. During his tenure as frontman, McManamon toured with the likes of MorrisseyKasabian, and Deltasonic label mates The Coral, appearing on stages from Glastonbury to Top of the Pops. Prior to launching his solo career, Matt also toured with The Specials as their live guitarist.

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