SHADER release double A-side single ‘Time Is Right’ and ‘Be My Saviour’

Time Is Right / Be My Saviour

Stoke/Manchester band SHADER have released their debut, double A-side single ‘Time Is Right’ and ‘Be My Saviour’ through 42’s Records.

Physical copies are available here:

SHADER are based in the North West and are keeping the flag flying for the Indie and Britpop heads. The new single ‘Time Is Right’ is an anthem that is needed during these crazy times and the band took full advantage of the empty locked-down streets of Stoke to record the accompanying video.

The band have been building a very strong and dedicated fan base through their DIY released tunes and constant touring which has seen the band play with Shaun Ryder, before his Q&A’s and also with The View‘s Kyle Falconer but it was the band’s last release of ‘Be My Saviour’ which started to turn even more heads. Now with SHADER‘s first physical and record label release it is from this moment that the band will start to blossom from local and cult status to nationwide.

‘Time Is Right’ and ‘Be My Saviour’ also features two bonus tracks on the CD. A storming live version of new track ‘Rise’ and a demo of brand new song ‘Lately’. All packaged in a gatefold sleeve with artwork.

Talking to Staffordshire’s 6 Towns Radio, frontman Stu Whiston had the following to say,

‘Time Is Right’ is about rising up from self-destruction, or out of isolation, it’s dedicated to the underdog in society. It’s about the point where a someone decides to pull themselves together and fight against the thoughts in their mind.

‘Be My Saviour’ is a modern day prayer, inspired by social media. “Looking for some soul falling on my feet. Like a shopping trolley on a pebble beach” reflects how people like to paint a perfect picture of their lives online… Very different to the reality.

42’s Records is releasing some of the best music in the UK at the minute and establishing themselves as the coolest record label in the country. This year not even a global pandemic can slow the the label down, they have released music from Yuka Tree, Reclaim Vienna, Narrow Margin and the MancMade ‘Acts of Hope’ compilation, with Skylights also set to release ‘Enemies’ through 42’s Records on 12th June.

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