SHADER release strutting comeback single ‘Satellite’



Based in Stoke-on-Trent, SHADER are known for delivering an eclectic swirl of huge melodic guitar riffs and northern grooves colliding with addictive arena-sized choruses. After the success of their debut album, ‘Everything is Connected‘, reaching the UK top 40 album charts, the band took a short hiatus to write new songs and they have returned stronger than ever with the strut inducing ‘Satellite‘.

Songwriter & frontman Stu Whiston has this to say about new single,

Satellite is a song about finding that feeling of satisfaction and comfort that navigates a person forward in life, whilst at the same time being emotionally aware to question the trick of these feelings and their validity.

Everything released up until now catalogues the band’s past and present, as well as firmly pointing towards their intended future. Splicing northern groove with indie floor fillers, alongside raunchy rock and roll grit with arena bound melodies, ‘Satellite‘ firmly sets in place a band who have never been afraid to have ideas that others would consider to be above their own station.

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