Shines release debut single ‘Home’



Today, Grimsby’s Shines release their debut single ‘Home‘. Although this is a debut single, the track is eagerly awaited because Shines are technically a super-group combining Rob Cross and Chris Day of much loved Orphan Boy with the charismatic frontman and singer-songwriter Richard Dutton.

After making their live debut by playing two sell out shows at the end of 2023, Grimsby’s Shines are looking to ride the wave into the new year.

The band, labelled as an overdue collaboration between two of North East Lincolnshire’s great song-writers – was fuelled by the private sharing of demos on Soundcloud, followed by the release of live performances of ten songs on YouTube in 2023.

Shines consists of Richard Dutton on vocals, Rob Cross on guitar, Marc Poole on bass guitar, and Chris Day keeping a steady consistent beat on drums.

The band, individually successful in their own right, is a culmination of members working in unison, to get their desired sound and aesthetic.

Now the band aims to continue the ‘buzz’ announcing their first single, Home, to be released 12th February 2024.

Speaking of the song’s conception, guitarist Rob Cross explained that ‘Home‘ was

built layer over layer on top of a programmed synth loop; the simplest of parts really, to create a piece of music that is both meandering and mesmerising.

The words and melody were then created by vocalist Richard Dutton, who captured the melancholy of the track with a lyric about the breakdown of a relationship and those other crucial pieces so often lost in that process: love, home and structure.

Dutton said of the track:

Originally we had planned to release one of our more conventional tracks but realised that, not having to answer to any record label or publisher, we had the freedom to put out something different; something that would be more likely to excite us, as music fans.

Shines plan to release a handful of singles and videos this year to accompany the eagerly-awaited album in the summer.

These releases will be accompanied by live shows and festivals which will be announced sporadically throughout 2024 to fuel the growing buzz around the band and their songs.

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