STONE share ‘Money (Hope Ain’t Gone)’ single with EP announcement



STONE have released new single ‘Money (Hope Ain’t Gone)’ which is the latest taster from the newly announced debut EP ‘Punkadonk’.

The new tune follows the release of ‘Waste’ which will also feature on the five tracks EP due to be fully released on 18th November.

The band had the following to say about the new track,

‘Money’ is a very special song for the band, as it’s the first track where the lyrics were co-written between Fin and Elliot. The song shares both of their emotions and perspectives on the world today and the anxieties we face.

The song is a statement of emotion about the state of this planet and how it feels growing up into adulthood in the current climate.

Fin and Elliot come from very different lives and the mix of their lyrics make the song the force it is. We want the song to showcase love, hate and hope for the future.

Talking about the EP Elliot say,

Our music is just a conduit to all the emotion that we all feel. We’re living in this scary sensational world of social media, where everything is overexposed and overwhelming. But we’re all in it as a generation. Fin and I have our own struggles with mental health, and I think that’s why we do what we do with such intensity; we put up that part of ourselves onstage just to give kids an opportunity to connect with something.”

‘Punkadonk’ tracklist

1. Money (Hope Ain’t Gone)
2. Moto
3. Disrupter
4. Waste
5. Radio Ready

STONE will also be hitting the road in April 2023 for a high energy headline tour.

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