Supergrass reunited last night and annonced new gig this morning

~ Pilton Party ~

Oxford band Supergrass reunited last night to play at Glastonbury’s Pilton Party.

Michael Eavis teased last week that a “Big, big band” were going to reform and perform at Pilton Party. It didn’t take long for the rumour mill to start turning and the band most mentioned were Supergrass.

Supergrass broke up in 2010 and with no ill-feelings between the members, it always felt like they were going to return at some point.

Yesterday, across social media the hashtag #Supergrass2020 was trending, with the cat pretty much out the bag for Pilton talk was turning to next year and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the band’a debut album ‘I Should Coco’. In fact 2020 was the time (20:20) that the band stepped foot on stage together for the first time again.

Supergrass started their set with ‘Caught By The Fuzz’ and ended with ‘Sun Hits The Sky’. The band played the big hitters between too these included ‘Moving’, ‘Richard III’, ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’ and ‘Alright’.

Pilton Party only seems like the start with Supergrass this morning announcing a special gig at Hackney Oslo which is due to take place on Monday and instantly sold out. 

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