The Clash to release rare ‘Sandinista!’ interview LP


If Music Could Talk

The Clash are set to release a previously rare promo interview LP on 17th June for Record Store Day, the release will also raise money for the War Child charity.

‘If Music Could Talk’ is a 1980 interview album with The Clash‘s Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon.

In brief conversation with their trusted management rep/fixer/consigliere Kosmo Vinyl. Originally only available as a promotional LP for US-radio ahead of the release of The Clash’s 4th album ‘Sandinista!’, ‘If Music Could Talk’ will be released for the first time as a limited edition double vinyl (180gm) package with new artwork for Record Store Day on 17th July 2021.

The cover art is an homage to Nicaraguan rebel leader Augusto César Sandino, the original Sandinista by artist Kosmo Vinyl who also supplies the liner notes on the back alongside a rare Pennie Smith band photo. ‘If Music Could Talk’ comprises the band talking about and introducing tracks and the 10 tracks themselves.

Full tracklisting:

LP 1 Side 1

– Interview with Paul Simonon and album version of
– Junco Partner
– One More Time
– One More Dub

Side 2

– Interview with Mick Jones and album version of
– Hitsville U.K.
– The Magnificent Seven

LP 2 Side 3

– Interview with Joe Strummer and album version of
– Washington Bullets
– The Call Up
– Police On My Back

Side 4

– Interview with Topper Headon and album version of
– Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
– Somebody Got Murdered

‘If Music Could Talk’ appears in its original sequence with both the spoken word audio and the songs from ‘Sandinista!’ fully remastered.

‘If Music Could Talk’ is a fascinating snapshot of The Clash at the height of their creative powers. As Kosmo Vinyl says in the sleeve note:


What was vital and fresh in 1980 remains strong and relevant today. As I often like to say: “Strummer Still True.”

£1 from every UK sale of the release will go to UK charity War Child.

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