Tom Meighan speaks solo album with Sky News

  Summer Solstice

Tom Meighan has spoken to Sky News on the weekend which should have been Kasabain‘s homecoming gig in Leicester’s Victoria Park.

The frontman revealed that he has been writing music for years but during COVID-19 lockdown he has become more focused on his songwriting.

Kasabian are currently working on their 7th album and were due to play at Victoria Park in their home City of Leicester tomorrow for Summer Solstice.

I’m writing loads of music at the minute,” he says. “We’ll see what happens. I’ve got a few cookies in the jar… and they’re not bad, you know.

It’s very autobiographical, like the story of my life. It’s kind of… heartbreaking. Well, not heartbreaking, just to the core, you know. Very real.

A solo album from Tom Meighan would follow in the footsteps of bandmate Sergio Pizzorno who released his eclectic album titled The S.L.P last year.

When Sergio did his thing last year, everyone was like, ‘how do you feel about it?’ I love it! Why wouldn’t I? His music was incredible…

He’s doing his thing, I’m doing mine but Kasabian are still solid. You know, it’s just a bad time at the moment, for rock ‘n’ roll. For human beings in general.

Tom Meighan will be doing a very special live Q&A with Clint Boon tomorrow night to soften the blow of the gig being cancelled. The live stream is hosted by Toura Toura with some very special packages available to had a one on one chat with Meighan.


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