Twisted Wheel share ‘I Am Immune’ video as they hit #26 in the UK Album Chart

Satisfying The Ritual


Twisted Wheel have just released the video for ‘I Am Immune’.

The video is directed by Barnaby Fairley, with visuals from Dean Glover and has been released in celebration of the new album titled ‘Satisfying The Ritual’ being announced as the #26th top-selling album in the official UK Album Chart.

#9 in the physical sales charts too, all this with no investment from a record label and fully independent!

Twisted Wheel toured relentlessly throughout 2018 and 2019. in a pretty similar way that the band first burst onto the scene, the gigs were getting bigger and madder. The lads played in nearly every city, town, festival and even shared stages with Liam Gallagher. 2018 wasn’t just about touring for Twisted Wheel though, as the band also released the brilliant ‘Jonny Guitar’ EP, the first new music since ‘Do It Again’, the band’s second album which was released in 2012.

Within the time away it is no secret that Jonny Brown the frontman and driver of ‘The Wheel’ went through some dark times but throughout the return, Jonny is looking stronger, focused and more determined than ever.

‘Satisfying The Ritual’ is a much-needed album in the midst of the global gloom! We need this band now more than ever, … They also need us and they are delivering the goods.

As long as ‘The Wheel’ keeps on rolling, we will be alright…

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