Album Review: Ashley Stacey – The Sun Still Shines on You

The Sun Still Shines on You

Ashley Stacey DIY releases his debut album ‘The Sun Still Shines on You’.

If you are big into the indie scene then chances are you would have seen Ashley Stacey perform acoustic tracks across many of the great Facebook groups but mainly in The Parka Monkeys and DMAnia. When there is a new tune released or even a clip shared, Ashley, is the first one out of the traps in getting his cover version out there. As well as covers, the singer-songwriter from Sidcup also does live streams which include covers and also his original tracks.

During the lockdown, Ashley Stacey has been keeping many of the group’s members in good spirits with his tunes as well as his neighbours with a few cheeky streets gigs. During this time Ashley has also found the time to write, record and release his debut album ‘The Sun Still Shines on You’. The whole process isn’t too dissimilar to the way DMA’S recorded their first two albums ‘Hills End’ and ‘For Now’.

The album kicks off with the riotous ‘Breakdown‘, a tune which sounds like it has been lifted from one of the legendary Shine compilation albums from the glorious Britpop years. Ashley Stacey also carries an element of Shed Seven‘s Rick Witter in his vocals throughout the tune.

Next up comes ‘The Girl in the Earl‘, this sees Stacey shift firmly into classic rock territory, think The Rolling Stones ft Primal Scream and you will be in the right area.

It feels like after two tracks you have figured the album out already but the rest of the album turns more pop-based and This is were Ashley Stacey excels. ‘Playlist‘ is indie-pop perfection and should be on the airwaves of all the major radio stations. Absolutely gem of a tune that lives on your head rent-free long after the tune has finished.

As the World Turns‘ goes a little folky and is exactly the tune that The Coral have been missing on their last two albums since they reformed.

It is the ballads that grab your attention the most though, the dreamy ‘I Do‘ takes you off to another planet while ‘Long Line‘ comes next and keeps you in this zen-like state.

Most albums have that big moment and on ‘The Sun Still Shines on You’ this comes in the shape of ‘This Time…‘ After a Noel Gallagher-esque intro, the tune incorporates a goosebump-inducing feeling, similar to what you get from Cast‘s ‘Walkaway’. There is also an element of the Babyshambles tune ‘Albion’ in there too.

The album comes to an end with the title track ‘The Sun Still Shines on You‘.  A laid back tune which builds up to an anthemic chorus, a perfect way to finish a brilliant album.

‘The Sun Still Shines on You’ is out now.

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