Album Review – DMA’S – The Glow

The Glow

Cult heroes DMA’S are set to release their third album titled ‘The Glow’.

The third album is usually a game-changer for bands, an album which often sees bands try something different and experiment with their sound, sometimes this results in the band finding themselves and sometimes this can also alienate and split the fanbase.

DMA’s have soared over the last few years and have built one of the biggest and most dedicated fanbases in the industry. Working their balls off touring and writing new music it is no wonder why the band are so loved, if you have seen them live you will understand.

‘The Glow’ was originally scheduled to be released in April but due to the COVID situation, the trio (Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason & Johnny Took) decided to push the release back until 10th July.

Due to this the band have released four tracks from the album already. ‘Silver‘ came first back in October last year, the track has firmly placed it self deep into many fans hearts. ‘Life Is A Game of Changing‘ saw DMA’S take their most interesting turn of direction to date, the dance influenced track sounds like it was taken for the second summer of love Acid House Movement. ‘Life Is A Game of Changing‘ has also had some remix versions of the track released by Martin Buttrich, Willaris. K and Orbital. The anthemic title track ‘The Glow‘ infuses the now-signature DMA’S distorted guitar riff with a beat that isn’t too far from The Strokes. The theatrical rollercoaster of ‘Learning Alive‘ is their most recent release, the tune has an astonishing, goosebump-inducing string section which leaves your heart well and truly played.

The album has a bigger sound than the last two which both had a charming DIY vibe whereas ‘The Glow’ is heavier on the production side and that is down to producer Stuart Price. ‘Criminals‘ is DMA’S most radio-friendly track to date, the tune that could be the one which finally gets DMA’S the recognition from the primetime radio stations, the likes of Radio 1 will be all over the track. This could also raise the band from cult status to indie saviours if DMA’S decide to offically release this for a single.

Hello Girlfriend‘ is the most DMA’S sounding track on the album, this was also the first tune that band played live from ‘The Glow’, the track has become a lot of fan’s live favourite since the band debuted it last year. The outro has a feel of Yorkshire trio The Cribs, with the punky stop and starts, Tommy singing “Such a funny thing for me try to explain.” bonds the gaps together.

Round & Around‘ is also the signature DMA’S sound, this is in the same vein as the likes of ‘Lay Down‘, ‘Laced‘ & ‘Break Me‘.

Strangers‘ is abit of a curveball on the album, this is pure New Order on their ‘Republic’-era. The bass and subtle synths are incredible and then the duelling vocals of “Don’t recognise (Don’t recognise) Don’t recognise (Don’t recognise) The ones that you leave behind.” takes you on another twist.

Delete‘ is a big fan favourite and the tune that most people are first introduced to the band with, so it is evident that the following albums will have these heart-wrenching moments too. On DMA’S follow up album ‘For Now’ this moment came with the stunning ‘Emily White‘. On ‘The Glow’ this comes from ‘Appointment‘, Tommy’s vocals on this are beautiful, the moment he sings “I waited for hours, whatever appointment.” is immediately commanding. The pick up is shimmering, pure and honest.

The album finishes with ‘Cobracaine‘, this is somewhat a mix between Madonna & Doves and is a similar style to ‘Life Is A Game of Changing‘, one last chance to dance before the end.

DMA’S have managed to push themselves creatively on ‘The Glow’, it’s a more radio-friendly sound but they have not done this at the expense of distancing their fanbase away from the band, if anything this will attract more people to the band and create fans from the casual listeners.

‘The Glow’ is released 10th July, Pre-Order here:

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