Album Review: Red Rum Club – How To Steal The World


How To Steal The World

Liverpool band Red Rum Club are back with their new album titled ‘How To Steal The World’ and they’ve certainly caught the eye of the general public by dressing up as a globe and an old-school thief to promote the album.

How To Steal The World’ is released 12th November, order here:

The band are back doing what they do best which is putting relatable love and life lyrics to tracks that instantly have you hip shaking,  grooving to a salsa tempo mixed with 80’s dancefloor grooves and the signature trumpet sounds.

First track and most recently released track ‘Drown’ takes you to the seaside which is a perfect setting for the mind to engage in the songs narrative. The band also include BSL in the accompying video to engage with all their fans.

The band display a mixture of fantastically composed instrumental mixes with the added upbeat contagious lyrics,the track ‘Vibrate’ displays a simplistic repetitive vocal range but is done so well it leaves a songworm in your brain that you don’t mind being there, I’ve not tired of this track since first listening.

‘Eighteen’ is a track that stands out for me, it’s slow and melodic guitar to Fran’s soulful singing “Do you wish you ever could wake up 18?” with background trumpet sounds, which gives a slow tempo to the album, a contrast to the band’s usual upbeat dance tempo, this is an emotional track from them, the band have openly said on this album they’ve emptied out a lot of emotion,

We have never been more open and revealing with our subject matter than what we have with some of these songs and in a lot of ways this is the first time we’ve shown vulnerability.

‘Sweet Degrees’ takes gives out a fairground feel and with a pace you can imagine dancing with your partner and losing yourself too.

‘Anna Marie’ I feel has new style with more of a backdrop of an electric 80’s feel and a unity of the band singing together “Come back darling.

‘Nightcalling’ has everything a 70’s style disco requires, the accompanying video with the Ford Granada is the perfect detail for us to visualise Frans Doran vocalising his fears of a new lover with a new man.

Working with producer Chris Taylor produced some emotionally charged recording sessions in Parr Street Studios.

Going into Parr Street Studios to record it was an emotional experience, it was bittersweet. We were happy to be recording this record in the studio that we have been lucky enough to call home, we felt both pride and heartbreak simultaneously at the fact that it was the last album recorded in there.

The band quoted they knew what they were going for and the band have come back with a feel-good album that provides people with an overall unity and it captures the amazing atmosphere of their live performances!

People don’t jump at Red Rum gigs they sway, shake and jive.

The band have recently announced they are joining The Twang‘s Christmas tour this December

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