Andrew Cushin releases special Innes remix of ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’


It’s Gonna Get Better

Newcastle lad Andrew Cushin has all eyes on him at the minute and shows no signs of slowing the momentum of his drive by releasing a very special remix of one of his earlier tracks ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’. The tune gets the reworking from Innes.

Speaking of the track Andrew had the following to say,

Well what started out as an experimental project has turned into an official release. My “It’s Gonna Get Better” remix is out now!

Credit to INNES for their great work and effort on this track which is available via the link below x

BIG NEWS in regards to new music soon but until then… get your rave on 👏x

See The Video To The Original Version Here:

While everybody was sinking in 2020, Andrew Cushin has been making waves, so much so that Noel Gallagher produced Cushin’s last track ‘Where’s My Family Gone’.

The Oasis icon first discovered Andrew after he hearing an early demo of his single ‘Waiting For The Rain’, which prompted Noel to praise his “Great natural voice.” Their friendship grew, which resulted in Noel offering to produce, play guitar and singing backing vocals on the new single.

I wrote ‘Where’s My Family Gone’ when I was in a dark place.” explains Andrew. 

I hadn’t been speaking to my family, or friends. I felt as though I had no outlet for the way I was feeling, and I wrote it in a little hotel room in Leeds before a gig. It started out as a darker track but the production that Noel has added to the song has pushed the track in a way that it’s now so much bigger and more uplifting. I can’t wait to play it live and see everyone’s faces when that colossal chorus hits.

See The Video To ‘Where’s My Family Gone’ Here:

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