Released Today: All The Young – Retirement



Today All The young release their brand new single ‘Retirement’.

With Covid putting hurdles in many band’s path this year, All The Young have managed to smash through them to record this single between three different places, even with one of them being overseas in Copenhagen.

Showcasing a slower harmonious single with dark melodic tones whilst still giving the uniqueness of All The Young‘s signature sound provided by Ryan Dooleys lead vocals.

Ryan Dooley explains the single feels like a coming of age. It certainly feels more relaxed and slow tempo with strings and melodic guitar giving a deep feel to the single and also allowing new lead guitarist Ash Harding who joins brothers Ryan and Jack Dooley and the band to showcase his skills on guitar with a beautiful solo with strings 2.48 into the track.

The band were due to tour September 2020 with the icons of rock and roll promoting This Feeling and are now just waiting for the green light for the go-ahead.

Allthough rest assured the music will keep coming promises Ryan,

We get bored very quickly, so won’t be stopping, but the plans we did will be going ahead at some point in 2021.

All The Young proved this throughout these tough times releasing ‘Lockdown Sessions’ to raise money for the charity Help Them Help Us.

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