Live Review: Shambolics live from the Caves, Edinburgh


Live from the Caves

Shambolics ‘Live from the Caves, Edinburgh was a charity fundraiser for Kirkcaldy foodbank which included some very special guests.

Having already raised thousands for Kirkcaldy foodbank in a previous gig last year in Fife, Shambolics have once again stepped up to help out, but in very different circumstances this time.

Coming live from the Caves In Edingburgh, this made for very unique backdrop for a live stream and a gif which will be used as a warm up for their upcoming tour in April and also gave a chance for the band to introduce new member Scott Williamson on synth.

Opening with ‘My Time Is Now’ it was clear from the onset the amazing growth of the band. The confidence and energy from the band even without their devoted fans screaming back at them, which I was able to witness last year when they performed in Liverpool.

This gig gave the band opportunity to showcase ‘Council State of Mind’ which sees Darren Forbes take the mic and deliver a unique talking style lyrics that makes this really stand out from the rest of the set. Followed by ‘Sandra Speed’ another of the fan favourites, it also led to the introduction of James Allan from Glasvegas for a cover of The Velvet Underground‘s ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ to slowing it right down to ‘Living in the Shadows’

A surprise guest appearance from Kyle Falconer from The View gave this performance an extra buzz  when they performed the legendry Fleetwood Mac track ‘Everywhere’ with harmonious backing vocals from the Shambolics lads. An enjoyable, feelgood performance by all involved

Released by Alan McGee’s Creation23 last year, ‘Chasing a Disaster’ came next with frontman Lewis McDonald’s smooth delivery of the lyrics.

I have to admit as soon as I hear the opening riff of their finishing tune  ‘Love Collides’ I get a massive buzz.  Shambolics managed to recreate the energy which they brilliantly express on the stage, this was pulled off even without the buzz of a crowd which would normally be followed by an extreme crowd movement at this point. Bassist Jordan Mchatton was able to show his talents in this massively underrated tune in my opinion.

Shambolics are a band that is constantly evolving and growing with clear evidence of uniqueness in their songwriting. This virtually gig definitely gave a taster of what is to come on their upcoming tour.

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