Released Today: Noel Gallagher – We’re Gonna Get There In The End



The Chief Noel Gallagher has released a special demo version of a new tune titled ‘We’re Gonna Get There In The End’.

The tune is almost a pandemic anthem and sees Noel go back to more traditional roots with his songwriting after the last few years of ‘Cosmic Pop’.

The track was announced by Noel Gallagher across his social media pages Yesterday and reading into it he seemed a bit weary about shearing by adding “PS. IT’S ONLY A DEMO” in capital letters. It may only be a demo but that doesn’t stop it being a great tune and not a lot really needs tweaking.

Here is the statement:

Firstly let me wish everyone a Happy New Year. Things can only get better from here!! (saying that, they couldn’t get much worse could they?!)

Anyway I’ve been writing and noodling recently and I’ve made a little demo of a tune that I wrote a couple of weeks ago and it actually came out sounding pretty good… The lyrics are quite apt for the times and I think I’d like to share it with you. The song is called ‘We’re Gonna Get There In The End’.

It’ll be up on YouTube from 8am GMT tomorrow here:

Hope your hangovers aren’t too horrific.
Hopefully, we’ll catch up soon.



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