Bert Brett has released new single ‘My Old Hat’


My Old Hat

Punchy lyricist, songwriter & instrumentalist Bert Brett released his new single ‘My Old Hat’ on Friday 5th March.

This tune springs into an upbeat melody with a happy flow that instantly lifts your mood. The track talks of happy days and how we all experience difficulties in life, as we hear in lyrics such as “We’ve all had bumps in the road” however we should accept them, infact postive vibes shine through this single..’My Old Hat’ talks of acceptance of the time we have…’My Old Hat’ could stand for our life experiences and maybe look back on them fondly with no regrets.

Brett is no stranger to talking of mental health issues and campaigned to raise money for the charity CALM with his previous single ‘Shame‘.

Brett explained of the importance of opening up as an artist so others feel at ease speaking about their own mental health struggles.

Brett is able to get this across this message in his tracks which flow so smoothly, which explains why he has had previous comparisons to fellow songwriters Jamie T and Alex Turner.

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