The Streets release end of lockdown celebration track ‘Who’s Got The Bag (21st June)’


Who’s Got The Bag?

Mike Skinner as The Streets has released his masterful end of lockdown celebratory track ‘Who’s Got The Bag (21st June)’ via Island Records

following an incredible response to this clip posted on his Instagram page. As revellers across the nation prepare for the clubs to reopen, Mike Skinner delivers with his archetypal Streets wordsmithery: FIRST IN THE ROOM, THIRSTING FROM NOON, HERBALIST FUMES, WHERE’S ME BALLOON?, CURSE OFF THE ZOOM, BURSTIN? WE BOOM, FIRST IN THE ROOM.

Mike says,

It’s been too long since I’ve been behind some decks, or on a stage, in a tour bus sleeping in a bunk. The moment we can do it we want to be the rave and we will. It’s also about hospitality, events and nightclubs not being able to take anymore. It’s a protest song, it’s saying, don’t change the date on us again! FIRST IN THE ROOM. 21 June.

The track is the first release from The Streets since the critically acclaimed mixtape ‘None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive’ last year, which charted at Number 2 in the UK Official Album Charts, featuring the singles ‘Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better (ft. Tame Impala)’, ‘I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him (ft. Donae’O & Greentea Peng)’ and ‘Falling Down (ft. Hak Baker)’.

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