Best of the new releases 25/10/2019

~ 25/10/2019 ~

We have picked the albums and singles that have been released today which we believe you should be listening to over the next week.

~ Albums ~

Stereophonics – Kind

Welsh rockers Stereophonics are now well into their 22nd year as a successful band and today the band release their 11th studio album titled ‘Kind’.

The album was recorded rapidly over an eleven-day period but the album feels a long, long way from being be rushed. Kind is a beautiful soothing LP which is laced together with catchy hooks and passionate lyrics.

Order ‘Kind’ here:

Editors – Black Gold

Editors release their “Best of’ album ‘Black Gold’. The album features thirteen of Editors most loved tunes plus three new tracks, these new tracks are ‘Frankenstein’ which was released earlier this year as a stand-alone single, the title track ‘Black Gold’ that became available with today’s announcement and ‘Upside Down’.

Now closing in on fifteen years since the release of the band’s debut album ‘The Back Room’, Editors have released another five albums since and attracted one of the most dedicated fanbases in the industry.

The deluxe version also features eight acoustic tracks from the Distance Acoustic Recordings

‘Black Gold’ is a celebration of the band with old and new tracks fluently intertwining.

Order ‘Black Gold’ here:

~ Singles ~

Coldplay – Orphans & Arabesque

Earlier this week Coldplay started to tease about a new album across social media, the band then went on to send the title and release date to specially selected fans in the form of a letter. As the week went on so did the promotion, Coldplay leaked the tracklisting through an advertisement in a local Welsh newspaper North Wales Daily Post.

Today Coldplay release the first two tracks from the double album ‘Everyday Life’. The album will be split into two sides titled ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’. The tracks released Today are ‘Orphans’ which channels elements of The Rolling Stones ‘Gimme Shelter’ but in a much more poppy and friendly way. ‘Arabesque’ is the second tune released and this is a much more interesting and darker track, starting off with a Paul Weller vibe it also steps into Noel Gallagher‘s ‘Chasing Yesterday’ territory with some cosmic jazz and horns.

Pre-Order Everyday Life here:

DMA’s – Silver

Actually released on Thursday but due to Austraila time differences, it is technically a release for this week.

Today they share the first taster of it in the shape of the new song ‘Silver’. The video was directed by New Zealand director Charlotte Evans.

‘Silver’ finds DMA’S gift for crafting unifying, arena-ready anthems elevated to new heights. It adds a surfeit of personality and American radio rock influences to their love of the British indie scene, making for a global-facing track rooted in their love of The Stone Roses and The La’s. Frontman Tommy O’Dell’s vocals possess a new found maturity and emotional resonance, delivering an unabashed love song that will surely connect far beyond their devoted fanbase.

The K’s – Aurora

The K’s are a band who have been signed by the one and only Alan Mcgee, the same McGee who discovered Oasis on that now-famous night, the guy also being the likes of Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Libertines.

‘Aurora’ is a brash laddish anthem, the kind of track that keeps you on edge throughout, a bit like walking into the wrong boozer on an away day. It almost transports you back to mid naughties with the likes of Milburn, Twisted Wheel and Arctic Monkeys, is that a bad thing? No, not at all, if anything we need more bands like this around now, the industry feels a bit too safe at the moment and The K’s could be the band to boot that door off and start a revolution.

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