Healer release ‘Hurricane’ single with accompanying video



Healer are the band that Steve (vocals), Kirk (guitar), Dave (guitar), Tony (bass) and Jazz (drums) wanted to hear. Catchy, optimistic and reflective sounds with a touch of melancholy where appropriate. Haunting and melodic guitar tones with driven drumbeats and soulful vocal sounds make Healer what they are. Reminiscent and resounding with originality and passion.

“Hurricane” is a powerful indie anthem about overcoming relational difficulties and finding strength within oneself. The uplifting lyrics, combined with the band’s dynamic playing style, making for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Released just four weeks ago, “Hurricane” has already racked up 5,000 Spotify streams and made its way onto several playlists around the world. Now, the band have dropped the music video on YouTube to “Hurricane” which showcases the band’s live playing style and is already competing with the single release and, at the time of writing, is already at 1,000 views after just 48 hours!

‘Hurricane’ was recorded by the band at Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln, by producer Sam Cook. It was released on all major streaming platforms on 23.12.22 with the accompanying music video for the song released on 20.01.23. ‘Hurricane’ was recorded in only two takes, with the band all playing live together, in order to capture the rhythmic energy and magnetic connection within the band and their performances.

Healer is made up of five talented musicians who bring their own unique influences to the table on “Hurricane”, creating a sound that is both fresh and familiar. From the driving beats of the drums to the jangling guitar riffs, “Hurricane” showcases the band’s
musicianship and passion for creating new meaningful music. They describe their band as “the band they always wanted to hear” and endeavour to bring hope to new music fans.

Talking to the band recently, Healer explained their mission is ‘to create music that inspires and empowers listeners to be their best selves, whether this is musically or in every day life’. With “Hurricane”, Healer delivers a message of hope and perseverance after difficult times, reminding us that no matter what obstacles we may face, we can rise above them.

Speaking to the band about the
inspiration for the lyrics, they said ‘Hurricane’ is an interpretation of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic poem, Lenore. The lyrics were written by our bassist, Tony, who seamlessly blends the elements of the poem into a tale of hope and destruction’.

The singer’s (Steve) voice is powerful and evocative, perfectly capturing the melancholic and eerie tone of the poem. The lyrics are masterful adaptation of
Poe’s original work, bringing the story of ‘Lenore, the spirit flown forever more’ to life in a new and modern way. The vocals on this track are full of emotion,
conveying the deep sense of loss and longing that comes from the poem. The instruments are a stand-out feature of the song, with a mix of catchy guitar riffs and bouncy basslines, and drums that add depth and emotion to the song. The production of the song is top-notch, with each element expertly mixed to create a cohesive and immersive sound reminiscent of The Police and Joy Division.

Healer have swiftly established themselves as a band to look out for in 2023. You can catch them at The Spiders Web, Grimsby (11.03.23) and Yardbirds Rock, Grimsby (24.03.23) with more gig dates to be announced soon.

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