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How Beautiful Life Can Be

We caught up with lead singer Alex Moore from the wigan band The Lathums, a band that are flying up the charts, chasing Drake to the number 1 spot with their debut album ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’

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They are fast becoming one of the most talked about new bands in the last 12 months and their success doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing yet with the debut album looking likely to hit the top spot of the UK Album Chart.

This will be the second time I’ve spoke to Alex since the band played their set at Tramlines Festival, which was a celebration to the return of live music, he seemed as laid back and chilled about that as he does about the buzz of The Lathums new album.

I find it fascinating that Alex was a late starter into music and asked him what it was that finally drew him to it,

Music was an escape, it was somewhere where I could retreat too.

Funnily enough Alex first gig was actually his on own playing with The Lathums on stage.

I asked him now the success of The Lathums has come about does he have anytime to see any other bands that he actually likes,

We’ve been that busy touring but we’ve managed to catch a few bands especially inbetween sets at Tramlines and other gigs. It’s just nice to be back doing what we are doing.

Speaking of the growth I asked Alex how it felt to be climbing the ladder of success and did it feel any different, he said,

We’ve definitely still got their feet firmly on the ground and still have to put the graft in!!!”

From playing in the local pub, to having their second single ‘The Great Escape’ spotted by Tim Burgess who then provided them an opportunity to perform at Kendal Festival, the band seem to building an ever growing  huge fan base, which the band are very loyal too and this comes across in many of their actions.

The band recently took over Wigan Market providing fans with limited first editions of the album they could only get hold of in person.

The Title track ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ comes from a single of the same name on the album I asked Alex a little more on the co-writer of that song which is his Mum,

Alex explained,

During a conversation with her the words came to me, a realisation that got penned on to paper that life isn’t as bad as it seems at times. That we end up getting through the bad stuff and life can be really beautiful.

The Song brings out a ray of light into someone struggling to find hope. And that is something Alex expressed throughout talking to him, that fans listening to his lyrics is something that makes him happy.

I asked if their was any influences that steered his songwriting as the band are being compared to some phenomal indie bands in particular Artic Monkeys, especially in the rise which hasn’t been seen in an indie band for a long time. Alex told me,

There’s nothing that really influences me, it’s what flows to me naturally like, from my head to paper and I try to keep it as original as I can.

The Lathums are seeing a huge buzz with the upcoming UK tour. Speaking of his upcoming tour with Jamie Webster in Blackpool I asked him what draws your to Blackpool? as this is is second time the band have performed there and they even did a live online set from the Blackpool Tower during lockdown,

Haha nothing really, just happy memories from being their dead young, I feel many of us can relate to that too.

This show will be a more intimate affair ahead of their big UK tour, which includes dates at Manchester O2 Victoria Warehouse and O2 Academy Sheffield, they will also be joined by fellow Wigan bands The Stanleys and Flechettes along the way as support acts.

The album ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ is available now via Island Records, produced by the legendry James Skelly of The Coral and is the band’s debut album. It is already showing signs of knocking Drake off the #1 spot.

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