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Fix Yourself, Not The World

With The Wombats set to release their 5th album titled ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ on 14th January, we caught up with Dan Haggis (Dan The Man) to have a chat.

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Tamsin: “Hi, thanks for taking the time out in this massively busy period especially with your intimate shows too which will take place in January.

How are you feeling about sharing the album first hand and getting the tunes out there?

Dan Haggis: “The record got pushed back to a further date due to production the problems that many are facing with vinyls, we didn’t want to cancel shows as we are used to doing so many live shows, we’ve literally only done 3 gigs in two years which isn’t like us at all. I’m looking forward to people listening and making them memories of the songs when they are there.

Dan also explained that music is so important to memories and you take along sounds, smells of where you where when you first heard that certain song played for the first time,

I’m hoping when people do play the album they will associate it with the memory of being played for the first time at a show.

Telling me that his Granny had Dementia and he always remembers her singing.

We spoke of listening being the last sense to go and those still being able to hear whilst in an unresponsive state, which is why music plays such a huge part to our memories.

I asked what memories will the album ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ hold, he mentioned the wearing of face masks and being kept from loved ones, however bearing a positive spin on the situation, on it also being a time of self growth which led me onto asking him if he agreed that he is so lucky to have a recorded version of the band’s self growth.

Dan: “Yes, totally, the music we put out there a lot of it first and foremost is for our future selfs, the lyrics that are out there makes it almost like journal to how we were feeling at that point.

The wombats celebrate their 15th anniversary of their debut album ‘A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation’ in 2022 I asked how they keep things so vibrant appealing to fans of all generations.

Dan: “We make music we love and put it out their, The Wombats write music from an introspective and speak of feelings of anxiety, feelings what we have always done and if you ignore those feelings they will rear their ugly head.

I inquired of the new album and how it spoke of taking actions and responsibility of your own life that throughout the album you can actually hear the lyrics explaining growth in someone battling with their own feelings and dealing with them

Dan explained that’s what the band wanted to get out and dealing with emotions that are uncomfortable

Dan: “It’s about saying OK listen mate this is gonna be here for a while, let’s start that journey of accepting these uncomfortable feelings, which then in turn will make you a better friend, partner, neighbour.

I view music as therapy and it shows periods of honesty, reflection with moments of transition and changes. Being open and honest about it hopefully will be conversation starters for those who listen.

With ‘This modern Glitch’ which turned 10 this year and the debut album turning 15 next year I asked how The Wombats still have such a good friendship and fresh ideas? Questioning if the band having their own side projects such as lead singer’s Matthew Murphy solo project Love, Fame, Tragedy and himself and Tord Øverlands project Sunship Balloon helps build their relationship, almost like a partnership having their own interests?

Dan: “MASSIVELY, it’s the same as relationships, if you’ve been on tour its nice to have something else you do separate also it re channels and feeds back into the music we do with The Wombats.

Tamsin: “So, last question, do you have some tour dates coming up in 2022! In your last tour you famously pushed your tour manager dressed as a wombat off stage!! How are you going to top that without giving too much away?

Dan: “Hahaha, good question! Well we have lots of ideas and our tour manager is looking at lightning production although he has suggested that this time being fired out of a cannon instead!

The Wombats new album ‘ Fix yourself, Not The World’ is out January 14th 2022. To coincide with the release the band also have a number of intimate shows starting 6th January and ending on the 13th with a midnight release show in Liverpool.

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