Gig Review: The Twang – O2 Ritz, Manchester



Photo By: Tamsin Jones

As sure as Santa is to tip up at Christmas so is the annual The Twang tour during the festive season too. Last time The Indie Masterplan reviewed The Twang was with Shed Seven during the now legendary Shedcember tour in Llandudno back in 2019

Photo By: Tamsin Jones

Unfortunately, traffic meant we missed supoort act The Clause, but was able to walk in just as Red Rum Club started their electric set. As always Red Rum Club supplied a super charged energy to the stage, one which radiated into the crowd which produced some loosely dancing with ‘Balerino’ moving many to the front. Red Rum Club seem to be getting stuck into all aspects of The Twang tour life too, with frontman Fran Doran telling us that being on tour with the Brum Mob has ruined them.

The crowd and atmosphere built to another level waiting for The Twang to come on stage with a gold backdrop glistening in the background the band walked out and kicked straight off with ‘Barney Rubble’.

‘Took the Fun’ was made for a sing-a-long, a tune that frontman Phil Etheridge has said in the past is his favourite to play live and this shows too. The Ritz with it’s moving floor and layers of viewing areas makes it the perfect space to interact which is what Etheridge does so well. Using the whole stage to interact with every single fan including those up at the balcony.

‘Either Way’ will always be a firm favourite and looking around last night you could see it was poignant with so many others too.

The song ‘Eveytime’ gives singers Cat Mctigue and Rio Hellyer a chance to shine. The girls were an addition after the decision taken by joint frontman Martin Saunders to leave. At the time he left many fans worried but the girls were added and received brilliantly also adding a new dimension to the refreshed band.

‘You On My Shoulders’ saw everyone raised above their mates heads and fittingly sat on shoulders throughout the song.

Finishing with the staple closer ‘Cloudy Room’ this caused a wave of reaction, watching from the balcony the crowd mimicked an angry sea bed with huge waves carrying one fan to the front of the stage.

The Twang and their ability to gather crowd interaction, ensures everyone is together, the whole of The Ritz chant and sing until they lose their voices. Some people go to Carol Services at Christmas… I visit the Twang for my Christmas sing-a-long fix.


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