Lyerr have released brand new single ‘Doctors Orders’


Doctors Orders

Manchester based indie band Lyerr have certainly been busy over the last year’s lockdown. Luckily able to release their 3rd single ‘Ride Our Luck’ back in February of 2020 and then also being able to record their 4th ‘Doctors Orders’ in July, this has enabled them to still be able to provide fresh material to their ever-growing fanbase.

‘Doctors Orders’ has been given a face-lift originally released back in 2016 the band have never been happy with the finished version until now.

Speaking to Northen exposure

Lyerr described their new single as “Their most dancey yet” and spoke about the whole chorus being new.

Kicking off with a melodic keyboard entrance, the vocals of Ryan Johnson then come in with the lyrics speaking of the events that aren’t too far off from the world today “In the city there’s a hippy, protesting about a chippy you left behind.” which then turns its attention to a relationship. All the time keeping it upbeat with its melodic riffs and some amazing storytelling lyrics keeping the listener engaged throughout.

This band show massive ambition for the future and are making themselves heard by the right people. In 2019 the band were able to showcase their talents by beating 150 bands in a competition which saw them fly out with RIDE and former Oasis man Andy Bell to perform at the prestigious Roxy theatre.

Lyerr are due to perform in Manchester Academy 1 for a socially distanced performance thats been moved from Febuary to April, fingers crossed we get the chance to catch them as this band are definitely catching on this rise up.

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