Released Today: The Reytons – Jealous Type


Jealous Type

The Reytons return with new single ‘Jealous Type’ off their forthcoming album.

New single ‘Jealous Type’ released today (22nd January) kicks off with strong guitar riffs which pulls us into lead singer Johnny Yerrels gruff strong lyrics.. Who sings of someone thats struggling to cope with they’re feelings about their partner, in this scenario when they are on a night out. The song speaks of how those feelings still surface in their head and how they convince themselves by saying ‘I’m not the jealous type. However lyrics such as “Who the hell you talking too?, why the hell is he stood there?” Show a more sinister side.

Returning with another release of their forthcoming album, The Reytons certainly have set the standards high following singles ‘Red Smoke‘, which has bred a lyric that will shouted back them forever more and be responsible for blowing ceilings off venues “Here we, here we, here we fuckin’ go!” and ‘Shoebox‘ that in comparison turns the tempo right down for the band showing a softer side.

The Reytons are a band that have got a certain edge about them that are leaving people wanting to hear more, the videos to their music, reflect their creativity which is also demonstrated on tour posters and their single covers.

Whilst the pandemic is taking a huge blow to the music at the moment The Reytons are grafting to get new music out there for fans that are desperate to hear new material.

The Band’s rescheduled their tour at the end of 2021, tickets available here:

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