The Magic Mod Monthly Roundup

~ March ~

Every month we will be getting a roundup from Rock ‘n’ Roll’s favourite magician and honourary Libertine brother The Magic Mod.

March came and went in the blink of the eye, how has the last month been for you?

It’s been mint mate, gigs are rolling in nicely and I’m getting a really good vibe from everyone.
It Was Also great to catch up with ‘The Mod Father’ Paul Weller and the lads in the studio, we had a lovely catch up and a curry.


How is Mr Weller? Was he creating another masterpiece or preparing for his up and coming tour dates?
Paul was on fine form and the studio sound is amazing. They are all getting ready to tour soon. Whenever I’m around Paul, the energy and motivation I feel are amazing, I have nothing but love and respect for him.


Are you any closer to your Brixton Academy dream?
Brixton plan is still very much in my goal and I’m sure it will happen one way or another. I’m in talks with a band at the minute and we are just waiting to see what we can do, so fingers crossed. There are a few venues on the list that I dream about and I have even played at a few already.


I know you are an avid fan of Pretty Green, what are your thoughts on the JD Sports news?
Ahhhh, my beloved Pretty Green. It’s such a shame as I made so many amazing friends at all of the shops, they have been amazing with me and my magic in ways of support.
Now we are Gonna see Chavy little mugs that wear Nike trainers and snapback caps wearing it… And that is gonna be a fucking shame.
I am truly gutted but to be honest, I have enough of it to last me 40 years.


Are there any new bands that you have discovered or re-discovered?
Slow Time Mondays have just released a new single on Spotify and it’s an absolute, fucking better. It’s hard to get a buzz in the music scene but the lads have worked and grafted hard so they deserve a chance to show the world what they can do.
They dress alright too… To be honest, the bass player is strange though…….. Love you really Ryan.


Thank you for talking to us again
Cheers, long live Pretty Green.

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