The Magic Mod Monthly Roundup

~ February ~

Every month we will be getting a roundup from Rock ‘n’ Roll’s favourite magician and honourary Libertine brother The Magic Mod.

Hi Ben, how has February treated The Magic Mod?
Hello brother, it’s been really good thank you. Some amazing gigs and DJ sets…
…Fulham have been a disappointment though, haha.
What gigs have you attended?
Been to a fair few, I really wanted to go see Bang Bang Romeo but due to illness, I was unable to attend.
I went to see Pete (Doherty) in Margate and the Fort Road Yard is an amazing venue with a great vibe. It was good catching up with him afterwards as I say many times, the Libs are my brothers and I can’t stress that enough. It was good to show Pete and the band a few tricks too, it’s always a pleasure.
The hotel looks unreal too, Dean was kind enough to give me a tour and it looks unbelievable! The last time I was there was after we played Margate Winter Gardens, again another amazing venue and one of the best that I’ve ever played at. The transformation of the hotel is incredible and I can’t wait until everyone sees it. 

What have you been listening to throughout February? 

I’ve been playing lots of 
The Jam this month and Northen Soul classics. Honestly, you can’t beat it.
What are you looking forward to in March? 
There are some fantastic gigs coming up in March and I’m sure I’ll be just as busy with my own shows too. I’m djing in Bristol soon as well as doing a gig in Scotland which is in aid of mental health, something that’s close to my heart that.
Thank you for talking to us again Ben and good luck with March.
Thank you.

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