Jamie Pollock returns with debut solo single ‘These Times’

• These Times

Jamie Pollock has released his debut solo tune titled ‘These Times’.

Jamie Pollock is known for his role in Scottish indie band Vida. The band departed with the singer-songwriter last year and tried to sail on without the frontman. Despite this move, Pollock stayed strong and decided instead of going into battle with his former bandmates he would fly solo.

Here we are, now Vida are no more and Jamie Pollock has come out of the mess with a beautifully pure ’90s inspired tune ‘These Times’. Pollock’s vocals and delivery are reminiscent of The View‘s frontman Kyle Falconer.

Jamie Pollock was quickly added as support to Kyle Falconer and Sergeant not long after he had announced his solo return. The bookings came purely on reputation as Jamie Pollock had not released any solo material at that point.

2020 looks like a year were Jamie Pollock will be crafting his solo journey,  after the aftermath of Vida, the tables have turned in Jamie’s favour and with the quality of ‘These Times’ 2020 is going to be an exciting year for both Jamie and music lovers alike.

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