KID SPIRIT share new video for latest single ‘Kid Vision’


Kid Vision

KID SPIRIT‘s second single release ‘Kid Vision‘ is a song about the secret superpowers of our younger selves, fearless and having fun  without the worries of modern adult life. Painting imagery of almost ‘cult kid’ status with the words “we only seize to grow, when the others come to know, of our kid vision“, right before the buzzing 80’s synth hook comes roaring in.

Some of the lyrics seemingly define the fine line between the youthful energy which once consumed us and the daunting teen years which inevitably lie ahead. In a similar vein to their debut release ‘Fight the Feeling‘ (released March 2023), this tune displays the same style of explosive pop-rock, but with seemingly more melody and bounce this time.

The music video for ‘Kid Vision‘ was shot at Grimsby’s ‘Central Hall’ which stands as the oldest surviving concert venue in North East Lincolnshire. Although drenched in history, the band were keen to add a modern edge by showcasing old-school 3D cinema glasses, which were envisioned as the imagery which represents the song.

In some ways, we can all relate to the lyrics of ‘Kid Vision‘ and these three minutes certainly portray a necessary dose of adult escapism, as we remember our younger-selves.

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