Le Volume Courbe share ‘Mind Contorted’ featuring Terry Hall and Noel Gallagher


Mind Contorted

Le Volume Courbe have released a stunning cover of the Daniel Johnston track ‘Mind Contorted’. The tune also features Terry Hall and Noel Gallagher.

The cover is set to feature on the up and coming EP ‘Fourteen Years’ which is due for release tomorrow. ‘Mind Contorted’ is a beautiful duet with Charlottes vocals intertwining with The Specials legend Terry Hall, this is knitted together with some psycedellic guitar playing from Noel Gallagher.

You will know Le Volume Courbe‘s Charlotte Courbe has the infamous scissor player from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Talking about the track Charlotte had the following to say,

I chose to cover Daniel Johnston’s ‘Mind Contorted’ with Terry because we are both huge fans of his.

Terry and I met in 2005 as we shared the same label (Honest Jons) and became friends. I listened to all of Daniel’s albums carefully and picked ‘Mind Contorted’ and ‘Story Of An Artist’ and recorded them both with Terry, his son Theodore and Kevin Shields in my flat in London in 2012.

Earlier this year I decided to finally mix it I wanted Kevin to re-do his guitar parts and asked him. He agreed, but Kevin being in Ireland and Kevin being Kevin, I didn’t want to wait a year so I asked Noel Gallagher if he didn’t mind stepping in. I asked him on Tuesday and he said, ‘OK. Friday 2pm!’ Et voila!

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