Leah Weller releases her new single ‘Strangers’


Leah Weller has released her Steve Cradock produced new single ‘Strangers’.

Leah says that she has written enough tunes to be able to release an album when the time is right and was originally going to release ‘Strangers’ as part of an E.P but during the current climate, the ‘Strangers’ producer, Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller legend Steve Cradock advised Leah to just stick to the singles for now.

‘Strangers’ is the second single which has seen Leah work with producer Cradock, ‘Change’ was released earlier this year.

Being the daughter of ‘The Modfather’ Paul Weller and soul singer Dee C Lee, Leah comes from a very musical background but admits that Marilyn Manson was more of an influence on her songwriting and that her father wasn’t super thrilled with her Marilyn Manson era.

Talking to NME Leah said:

As a kid, I was really into Marilyn Manson and I think he’s probably one of my main influences lyrically. His lyrics were just so different from anything else that was being written about when I was that age. I think he’d already been out for a very long time when I was a kid, but it didn’t matter, I had never heard lyrics like that before. My dad wasn’t super thrilled with the whole Marilyn Manson era I went through though!

Leah Weller was originally due to support her father on his ‘On Sunset’ tour but now the dates have been pushed back to 2021 due to the COVID pandemic.

‘Strangers’ is out now across all of your usual platforms.

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