Live Review: DMA’S – Brixton Academy, London


Photo by – Jordan Rodwell

Playing halfway across the world from their hometown in Sydney, DMA’S at Brixton felt strangely like a homecoming.

With their biggest headline date yet, the air was filled with excitement. It seemed that people from all over the country had made the journey to London, as an assortment of football chants (I heard Leicester, Wigan, Sheffield United) echoed around the venue before the Aussie trio walked on stage.

From the first line of the set opener, ‘Feels Like 37’, the crowd, previously divided by football, were at once united, singing every word back at DMA’S’ singer Tommy O’Dell.

The setlist was a perfect mix, blending the bands livelier moments, such as new single ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ (the song Noel Gallagher has been trying to write for the last couple of years), with quieter moments, including an almost hymn-like rendition of ‘Delete’. Despite including two as-yet-unreleased songs ‘Hello Girlfriend’ and the new album’s title track ‘The Glow’, the crowd throughout were 100% up for it. And it seems that DMA’S are continuing their rise, given that the first single from their upcoming album, ‘Silver’, was collectively sung at full volume by the 5000 in attendance, clearly already a fan favourite for many.

Set-closer ‘Lay Down’ signalled the end of the night, causing O’Dell to casually stroll off the stage while his band mates continue their outro, until it’s their turn to absorb the crowd’s adoration as they exit.

As the crowd disperses out of Brixton’s O2 Academy, with chants of ‘please done take me home…’, it’s no surprise that DMA’S’ next gig in the capital will be at the famous Alexandra Palace in October, doubling the size of Brixton Academy. Although it’s hard to comprehend, you wouldn’t put it past this band and their ever-growing fan base, to make that an even more memorable night as they continue to go from strength to strength.

(Review byJordan Rodwell)


  • Feels Like 37
  • Dawning
  • Too Soon
  • Hello Girlfriend
  • Silver
  • Time & Money
  • The Glow
  • The End
  • Step Up The Morphine
  • Delete
  • Life Is Game Of 
  • In The Air
  • Tape Deck Sick
  • Play It Out


  • Timeless
  • Lay Down
  • Your Low

DMA’S release ‘The Glow’ on 24th April through Infectious Records, Pre-order here:

Photo by – Jordan Rodwell
Photo by – Jordan Rodwell

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