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The last day of this truly incredible celebration of coming together kicked off with a surprise performance of The Fratellis who appeared on the Main Stage, playing favourites such as ‘Chelsea Dagger’ but also disco classics such as the adopted Scotland football team anthem ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’ which proved great fun for the audience and it was amazing seeing whole families in the main field dancing together.

Next up I made my way down to see Ed Cosens, being a big fan of Reverend and the Makers I was looking forward to seeing him perform, to my surprise Joe Carnall also of Reverend and the Makers and Milburn joined him on bass for his set, the set which showcased Ed Cosens’ brooding vocals and perfected acoustic.

Photo By: Tamsin Jones

Next up was The Reytons on Main stage, again I’ve been extremely lucky to see The Reytons in a very small venue that just about held in all of their fans, this band attracts me due to their down to earth lyrics and attitude, they really are as approachable in real life as they come across on stage too. Lead singer Johhny Yerrel told us that he can’t believe how lucky he is as he was stood in exactly the same place we were two years ago watching  The Courteeners.

They seem to have already grasped the concept of building the anticipation with an opening video of the ‘Kids Off The Estate’ album trailer coming on the big screens, which geared up the whole audience then jumping straight in which saw a mass of flares and the crowd go wild.

I loved the fact I was getting knackered jumping about to hits such as ‘Low Life’ and ‘Slice of Lime’, lead singer Johhny Yerrel said exactly the same (not just me getting back into it then!?)

The Reytons saw a gathering of like minded people going absolutely crazy to this bands biggest hits, it’s so hard to believe they haven’t even released their first album yet.

I was extremely grateful to grab their time after their set and ask them how they found performing! This was when we were watching Dizzee in between jumping around like idiots, I can go as far as saying they proper enjoyed being back! With Yerrel saying he’s still finding it surreal he’s bumping into the likes of Dizzee Rascal backstage!

Photo By: Dereck ‘Dex’ Mcewan

The Snuts were on the list of people I was desperate to catch, frontman Jack Cochranes voice is unique, their whole set saw flares, people stood on people’s hands and a flick of the finger by fans and lead singer throughout. Managed to have a flying chat with them after they were getting some photos with fans, when asked how they felt their performances at Latitide and here had gone Cochrane announced “A bit scratchy” which as a fan, I had to disagree with but maybe I was having too much of a good time as The Snuts setlist never fails to make you sing along, especially playing some of their old hits like ‘Matador’.

Photo By: Tamsin Jones

My only complaint was Joe from the band didn’t pass me down a sip of Buckfast like he did back in Manchester a few years back.

Photo By: Tamsin Jones

Sundara Karma were playing in T’Other Stage so we went to grab a few beers and food and waited for their set… Oscar Pollack has a magical voice it flows and hits notes that are a remarkable talent, it was ace seeing girls grab each others hands and run to the stage for their performance of ‘Flame’.

Photo By: Tamsin Jones

Oh Dizzee Rascal, he holds a place deep in my heart as he is FUN, I can act like a big kid bounce around like a total idiot and not have a care in the world when he is on which I believe the whole of the audience did when he was on!

The rendition of Florence and the Machine ‘You’ve Got The Dirtee Love’ got everyone at the main stage area including bar staff and artists on the side of the stage swaying hugging and emotions were flying when we all looked around and mouthed we’re back!

Headliners Supergrass took to the main stage replacing Richard Ashcroft who had pulled out over Covid testing. I have seen Supergrass at many festivals and as it was my last day I headed down to catch the last few acts of the Fringe, the Fringe is the root of where this Tramlines Festival grew from so I wanted to catch who maybe stepping up to the big festival next year.

I managed to catch the Covasettes their performance of ‘Be Mine’ was amazing and they really pulled in a big audience into the Crystal Stage before Doncaster’s Bang Bang Romeo, who no doubt will be one of the acts performing at the main site next year managed to nearly taking the roof off of the indoor venue, frontwoman Anastasia Walker’s power vocals, gave a truly remarkable end to a brilliant weekend.

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