Album Review: Liam Gallagher – Why Me? Why Not

~ Why Me? Why Not ~

Liam Gallagher returns with his second and the most anticipated album of 2019 ‘Why Me? Why Not’ on 20th September.

It’s been almost two years to the date since Liam Gallagher released and broke vinyl selling records with his debut album ‘As You Were’. Although it feels like Liam hasn’t been anywhere since the release with him constantly playing gigs, festivals and even releasing a docu-film ‘As It Was’, about his rise to solo artist from the downward spiral and confusion of the Oasis split and Beady Eye.

Gallagher’s second album titled ‘Why Me? Why Not’ was announced with the first single and album opener ‘Shockwave’, a riot of a tune which channels the soul of Black Rebel Motorcycle. Liam Gallagher said that he chose this tune to be first single because “You have to boot the doors off and let the fuckers know that you’re back.

Also released prior to the album were the gritty ‘The River’ which is the penultimate track on the album, the beautiful ‘Once’, a tune which received the best reaction of the singles when premiered and the song ‘One of Us’, a direct call to arms to brother Noel Gallagher, the single was released with a reflective video directed by Peaky Blinders creative duo Steven Knight and Anthony Byrne. The video saw a lonely looking adult Liam and also Liam, Noel and Paul Gallagher being played by children.

The first tune that you come to on ‘Why Me? Why Not’ that hasn’t already been aired is the beautiful ode to Liam’s daughter Molly titled ‘Now That I’ve Found You’. The track is Liam at his most honest after being estranged from Molly for the first 19 years of her life but they are very close now, the track is an uptempo statement ballad with  some really touching lyrics like,

And I know it’s late for lullabies but the futures yours and mine.

The thing that was always a winning formula through Oasis was these beautiful ballads alongside the heavier laddish tunes, this is a plan that Gallagher sticks to and why shouldn’t he? This is what the people want.

‘Halo’ is an instant attention grabber with its punchy piano setting the fast pace throughout the track, this tune is the closest Liam comes to resurrecting the Beady Eye sound. Liam wears his love for The Beatles on his sleeve with this one, a sure nod to ‘Lady Madonna’. This is not your conventional Liam track by any means, Liam steps out of his comfort zone with this one.

‘Meadow’ is another tune which takes you on a bit of a trippy journey, it will be interesting to see how Gallagher or even if Gallagher will do this one live. It channels Pink Floyd, David Bowie and George Harrison. Gallagher’s vocals on this one are the most interesting on the album, really dreamy and hypnotic.

Liam Gallagher has said in the past that he can write tunes but he can’t quite nail that big moment, working with co-writers has fixed that for Liam and no doubt he is learning a lot from working with Andy Wyatt, Simon Aldred and Greg Kurstin. The title track ‘Why Me? Why Not’ starts off in typical Gallagher style before hitting an anthemic chorus, a chorus that sees Liam almost sing in falsetto at parts. ‘Be Still’ runs to a similar format but in a bit more of an Oasis style and possibly the most motivational track on the album.

‘Why Me? Why Not’ finishes off with the most menacing track ‘Gone’, this starts off with a Western gunslinger vibe, a cinematic track that would fit perfectly into the soundtrack of a gritty film. As the track progresses, the more intense it gets until building into a hostile spoken part with strings amplifying the tension.

The album as a whole is a much more complete album than Liam’s debut album ‘As You Were’. There is so much more raw emotion in Gallagher’s follow up, so much more honesty and it is also a lot more in your face which is the perfect formula for Liam Gallagher.

(Review byMarc Whiffen)

Why Me? Why Not’ is released 20th September through Warner.

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