NOISY release live favourite ‘ALL OF U’ as a single



NOISY have released the climatic live set closer ‘ALL OF U‘ as a single.

The track is one of the first tracks that was written by the band, they originally shelved the tune but after adding it to their set, it found a place in their hearts and is now even the band’s set closer.

It arrives alongside a love letter from the band to their mates, which reads:

‘All Of U’ is one of the first songs we wrote for NOISY. In fact, I think it was the fourth. We were experimenting with a lot of different sounds at the time, trying to find our feet and this song really fell out of the sky. We’ve waited a long time for the right moment to release it. It felt big but also different to everything we were writing at the time so we kind of put it aside, but as soon as we started playing shows and we saw the reaction from people, we knew it was special and an instant banger. We play it last in the set because the big climax at the end just feels like such a moment every time. It’s the perfect way for people to leave a NOISY show.

It was summer when we were writing it and there were loads of festivals happening at the time that we were jealous we weren’t playing. We even dubbed it over Glastonbury highlights to imagine what it would be like and it felt so epic.

At first, the song wasn’t really about anything in particular. It started with a few lyrics that we thought were cool – ‘I’ll be the fire when you’re burning your debts’ and ‘I’ll be the lighter for your last cigarette’ – and through that, it became apparent that it was a love letter to our mates. Most of our songs are about us going out with our mates and living for the weekend, but this one felt different because it’s basically a love song…the first NOISY love song.

NOISY has always been about friendship and those moments that seem throwaway, but really we live for them. One silly thing that a mate does in the pub can make you laugh all night, escaping the real world week days, that kind of thing.

NOISY will fuck you up on a Friday night but also call you on Saturday morning to check you’re alright.

‘All Of U’ encapsulates all of that and we would refer to it as our trademark song. If you hadn’t heard NOISY before and wanted to understand it in one tune, it would be ‘All Of U’. It’s a song for everyone. NOISY needs all of you. And hopefully this song is big enough to make that happen.

NOISY head out on tour with YONAKA in March

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