Album Review: Red Rum Club – Western Approaches


Western Approaches

Red Rum Club are back with their fourth album titled ‘Western Approaches‘, bringing a taste of the West back with them after touring in America and living the American dream. However the band’s roots remainly firmly fixed with flavours of the album being born in the Docks of Liverpool.

The title itself is named after an old World War II Naval Base in Liverpool City Centre which also features on the main cover, the album continues this theme and is introduced by morse code spelling out ‘Red Rum Club Western Approaches’, for those wondering what was said? The cascading waves in the background add to cinematic start to the album.

The album has an indictive nod towards their home, and as some might say, absence makes the heart stronger and after some time away touring could this have built a yearning for home that could have influenced the album Songs such as ‘Hole in my Home‘ released the same time as the band were announced as ambassadors of Bootle’s exciting new outdoor music and events venue Salt and Tar. The song itself gives that usually sunny tempo but with Frans distinctive storytelling lyrics talking of the track.

Fran Doran said about the track,

’Hole In My Home’ provides a story of love and loss. An up-tempo soundtrack that descends into a wailing, melancholic chorus that really tugs at the heartstrings. It’s our most honest and heartfelt release to date and we feel it really showcases new levels of maturity in our songwriting, with more of that on offer on the album itself.

Godless‘ comes racing in with the tempo of a Wild west rodeo, and if you are lucky enough to have attended one of their shows you will probably be thinking the same as me “when can we hear this live?!” ‘Again, ‘Black Cat‘ showcases the versatility of the band with screaming trumpets, fast paced drums and heavy bass which would be worthy of any headline stage.

Afternoon‘ brings a joyous sway to your step as soon as it plays and it sounds like it brings about memories of their American travels as Fran Doran describes,

’Afternoon’ is an upbeat bop written in Austin, Texas after we found ourselves in a hazy limbo, trying to define when the night ended and the morning began.

Houdini‘ and ‘Daisy‘ are both fun tracks with another taste of the Western and nostalgic feel about them, ‘Houdini‘ has an almost hypnotic sound to it.

Undertaker‘ brings about an ease even though listening to the lyrics they almost bring about a dark, comedic value speaking of wanting to wish problems away. This is a strong contrast to the next song ‘Last Minute‘ which is a slow paced love song that runs deep and I can easily describe as beautiful.

Jigsaw Shores‘ sounds amazing in headphones with lots of unexpected twists and turns which were joyous and exciting.

I think, I was expecting more of an American taste being aware of the bands tour, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised and would describe it as a sprinkle of salt and vinegar to flavour the album, with a nod to their roots being the main dish.

The band explained they poured their hearts into this album and obsessed over it, it shows and I’m so very glad they shared it with us.

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