Released Today: The Sherlocks return with new tune ‘End of the Earth’


End of the Earth

Today sees The Sherlocks return with their anticipated new single ‘End of the Earth’ (listen here).

Tonight the band are also set to perform a special livestream show via Sessions (ticket info here)

With its energetic and catchy chorus, ‘End of the Earth’ feels like a track readymade for the festival crowds and eager gig goers set to come later this year. An explosive backing of drums, bass and layered electric guitars bounce around the sleek vocals of Kiaran Crook, who explains the track’s influence below.

It’s good to have a tune that doesn’t belong to a specific album, it belongs to itself, it’s a rebel. We approached it like a B-side in the way that you don’t overthink anything; you just go with it. It sounds like The Strokes meets Iggy Pop meets Queens of the Stoneage! It’s dark & unpolished which it should be, the end of the earth is never gonna’ be to a script.

The track is the first release since new members Alex Procter (guitar) and Trent Jackson (bass) joined brothers Kiaran Crook (lead vocals, guitar) and Brandon Crook (drums) in the band – with both bringing their own ideas, enthusiasm and creativity to the band’s rehearsals.

End Of The Earth is straight to the point,” explains Alex Procter.

It really has its own groove and energy, one that reflects our chaotic time in the studio.’’

Tonight (April 9th), The Sherlocks will perform special livestream show via Sessions, with tickets available now via SeeTickets and Sessions, with VIP afterparty tickets with the band also available.

There will be two showtimes for different audiences, please see here for UK & Europe info and here for US & Asia.

The Sherlocks’ rescheduled 2020 tour dates are also now available.

Tickets for Manchester can be found here and Grimsby here.

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