The Links release second single ‘Never Know’

Never Know

Edinburgh aspirants The Links have released their brand new single ‘Never Know’.

‘Never Know’ explores the subject of casual relationships, the band’s guitarist Scott Williams describes as being an honest and relatable thing to write about in the following quote about the release,

It really came to life when we started looking inside ourselves for inspiration rather than looking at what other bands were doing.

A lot of people around me were in strange relationships at the time, it
seemed like a very honest, relatable thing to write about.

The track is the second release from The Links having previously released ‘Last Line’. ‘Never Know’ has a distinctive 80’s guitar jangle, almost The Smiths and The Cure-like.

The song was produced at 45 A-Side Recordings Glasgow, by Bruce Rintoul,
who has recently worked for big names in the scene such as Shambolics, Billy Mitchell and Retro Video Club. Mastered by Pete Maher, whose client list includes Noel Gallagher, U2 and Katy Perry, to name a few.

The distinctive cover art was picked by Williamson out of an old family photo album, who said of the image,

It’s quite surreal and it reflects some of the messages of the song about people around me going into things without really thinking of the consequences. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be the artwork for the tune.

The Links are another name that are helping a thriving Scottland lead the way in the current indie music scene.

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